How it works

Recycle Den has been created and designed to support the Waste and Recycling industry.

 This online platform allows individuals and organisations to advertise their goods and services in an easy to use layout while visitors to the site can find those goods and services in the same easy to use way by searching through our listings by title, by category or even by location.

 Buying from the Site:

 Users wanting to purchase through the site can freely browse through our listings by category headings or by using our comprehensive search tool.

Start searching our listings here.

You do not need to be a registered user of the site to buy however signing up and creating your own free profile will allow you:


  •      Save “favourite” listings

  •      Have your business promoted on our service page*.

          *For Businesses only.  Personal individual accounts will not be added to the directory of business services.


To create an account, please click here.

Selling on the site:

 You will need to register as a user to sell on the site.  Sellers will require a 'credit' to advertise each listing. Our easy rule:


Credit = Listing


The cost for each credit will depend on the subscription chosen by the user.  Recycle Den  have made it simple for individuals or businesses to advertise goods and services by creating the following plans:

Recycle Den Price Structure

As part of their profile, members of the site will have clear access to the number of credits they have and the time remaining on each listing.  On rolling month contracts the credits are updated to the value of the monthly allowance.  No unused credits will be accrued and rolled over to the next month.


Also as part of their profile members will be able to:


  •      See the number of individual (unique) views of each listing

  •      Edit profile and listing details

  •      Modify plans or payment details

  •      Promote listings


Recycle Den is an advertising platform only.  All business arrangements and transactions are agreed between the seller and the buyer.

We hope the site is user-friendly for all who use Recycle Den.  Further support is available on the FAQ pages or by contacting us on


Glad you like it!